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Homemade Butter

Butter begins with a Bb and we made some in school this past week.  The children really enjoyed making it, spreading it on their bread, and eating it!  Some of the children asked me for the recipe and I told them I would put it on the blog so here it is.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Have your child show you how we made it.

Butter recipe

Letter B

I played this video for the children this past week.  Up on our big mimio board the video appeared very blurry.  I told the children that I would put it on the web site so that they could watch it at home and maybe it wouldn’t be so blurry.  Have your child post a response in the comment box.  If the video was blurry have your child type YES in the comment box.  If the video wasn’t blurry have your child type in NO in the comment box.

Hey, blurry starts with the letter B!  The children were getting good at identifying letter Bb words this past week.


I’m the Letter T

The children loved playing this video over and over again this past week during Free Choice Time.  A couple children even said “Hey, I know that song.  It’s the Delilah song.”  Watch it with your child and see if you can recognize the tune.

The Quirkles

Who are the Quirkles?

The Quirkles® are 26 imaginary scientists that help children everyday develop a love and appreciation for science. They offer a way to integrate literacy and science.  The Quirkles® create enthusiasm and excitement for reading and science through whimsical illustrations, alliteration of the specified letter, and fun hands-on science.

The Quirkles

Who is meeting the Quirkles?

We are!  We are meeting the Quirkle that is the same letter as our Person of the Week.  That means that we have already meet:

Colorful Caroline – Caroline helps her friends, Calvin Cricket and Cathy Cottontail, learn about primary and secondary colors while using predominately words that begin with the hard C sound. This is a story about friendship as well as a science lesson about colors.

On Wednesday we will meet Ollie Oxygen. Ollie teaches his friends, Oz Otter, Oscar Ox, and Otto Ostrich, about oxygen in a story written predominately in words with the initial short vowel O. Discover what happens when Oz Otter, Oscar Ox, and Otto Ostrich find themselves surrounded by a fire in the forest. Ollie explains to his friends how oxygen makes fire bigger, while carbon dioxide extinguishes fire.

Below you can view the Smileboxes of our Colorful Caroline Experiments.

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Morning Class

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Afternoon Class

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

The following is a book review of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from Preschool Rocks:

The naughty little lower case letters get themselves into trouble when they all try to fit into the coconut tree. All of the lowercase letters are too heavy for the coconut tree and they all fall out. The poor little letters have skinned knees, black eyes, and a loose tooth. Luckily the uppercase letters come running to the rescue and kiss everything better, but what will the mischievous little a do when the moon come up?

Sounds like a great book!  It’s another thumbs up book here in our classroom!  This book has served as a great starting point for me to start collecting baseline information on what letters each child in our classroom knows.  This information will allow me to plan fun, exciting activities for each of my students to meet their individual needs when it comes to learning their letters.